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28 July 2013
moving websites to post main art

main art being my pop’n art and stuff. if you wish to still seem them, the new url is → http://fishdelic.web.fc2.com/begin.html
i’m still preparing many things, but i’d like if you bookmarked that page rather than the index. here’s the index though, since i already posted a bit of things → http://fishdelic.web.fc2.com/ (nothing grand, but it’s something.)

from now on, i’ll be posting commission work here.
if anyone wants to reblog, you can actually contact me a request to post a piece from the new site. then i’ll post it here. (i’ll do it depending)

Otherwise don’t take/use/post art without permission. ever. whether from me or someone else.

(i’ll be keeping all my old art on tumblr, of course. that would be just inconvenient if i removed anything.)